25 Plot Twist Ideas

Most stories will have a plot twist to turn the story in a completely different direction. Here are a few examples for your story!

  1. Someone dies
  2. Someone is kidnapped 
  3. There’s an imposter
  4. A new main character is introduced 
  5. The main character is put in danger
  6. Someone gets lost
  7. The villain tricks the hero 
  8. Someone’s injured
  9. Someone gets in a fight
  10. The main character is threatened 
  11. The real villain is identified as someone else 
  12. Someone who is supposed to be dead appears out of nowhere 
  13. The narrator is revealed as the villain
  14. A fictional character is proved real
  15. It was all a dream
  16. The villain is actually the hero
  17. The hero is actually the villain
  18. The hero kills someone by mistake 
  19. Someone is poisoned
  20. Your character catches an illness
  21. Someone almost dies
  22. A natural disaster such as an earthquake or hurricane 
  23. A traitor is revealed
  24. Someone gives up and leaves the main character’s side
  25. Someone is blackmailed and has no choice

I hope you found these plot twists useful and they gave you inspiration for planning your next story!

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