How to avoid character stereotypes 

Unfortunately, character stereotypes are quite common in writing. What are character stereotypes, you ask? A character stereotype is something like an cat-mad old lady or a grumpy teenager who never leaves their room. What can I do to avoid these stereotypes, you now ask? By adding interesting aspects to your characters! So, you can have a cat-mad old lady, but maybe she rides a motorcycle and has a Billie Eilish calendar. It’s up to you on what you want. You might have a grumpy teenager who stays in their room but is actually on a crime mission and so no one checks where they are because they are just stereotyped to staying in their room! It’s completely up to you. Here are a few examples for you.

  1. A goth who wears black and is hated by society 

The goth is actually a film star and wears black to avoid being recognised by fans

  1. A child who hates vegetables 

A child who absolutely loves vegetables and can’t get enough.

  1. A girl who wears lots of makeup

A girl who is completely against makeup and walks around with a bag of wipes, encouraging her friends to embrace their natural beauty.

  1. An old man who uses a walking stick

An elderly man who is a professional runner and runs a marathon every month.

  1. A housewife

A woman who has a YouTube channel with millions of subscribers and fans.

  1. A sporty guy

A guy who is a professional ballet dancer and has won several awards. 

  1. A weak, emotional girl

A strong independent woman who fights for her rights and has a lizard called Meow.

  1. A male engineer 

A male teacher who cares for the students and goofs around. Sometimes he even sings for the children!

I hope that you found this useful and helpful and might avoid using character stereotypes in your writing!

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