How to get inspiration for a story 

I get inspiration from lots of things; sometimes even just everyday objects. If I see a tree that I really like, I either study it and make a mental note to write it down when I get home, or I write it down in my mini notebook that I often bring in case I get inspiration. So here are a few tips for getting inspiration for a story!

  1. Everyday things

Like I said before, writing about simple things that catch your attention is a great idea. Just write it down and you can include it when it fits in the story. 

  1. Read!

I get lots of inspiration from reading books. It fills my head with ideas that I write down for future stories. It’s super important to read just as much as you write, because it improves your writing and gives you inspiration.

  1. Search for images 

If you’re stuck and can’t think of anything, search for a topic of images online and I guarantee that you’ll be able to find some inspiration. I always do. 

  1. Listen to music

I find that I can often get ideas from music, but if I was listening to music in the first place, I sometimes switch it off instead. 

  1. Watch television 

Yes, this can actually work. I study the characters and think about aspects I could use for mine. Netflix shows or cartoons work best in my opinion.

  1. Listen to sounds

Just be silent for a few minutes and listen to the sounds around you. Try not to get distracted. You might just find some inspiration. Go on, do it now before you read the next idea.

  1. Think about the last story you finished writing

We’re there any ideas that you thought were ingenious that you could put a twist on and include in your writing? Did you write anything that you really loved that you could change to put into your next story?

I hope you found these tips useful and they helped you get inspiration! 

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