Romance writing plot inspiration.

One common genre of writing is romance, and when writing, sometime I find that I need some inspiration. So, hopefully this will help you. 

  1. S/he has already decided against the other

Perhaps one of the two firmly decided that they would never date a biker again, or a millionaire. 

  1. Their fate is already sealed

Maybe they are in an arranged marriage, or one is engaged to another person. 

  1. One believes they are in love with another person already

Possibly one of them is infatuated with someone else, and the other one is trying to convince them that that person isn’t right for them. 

  1. One has sworn off love or marriage 

They could have had a bad experience in the past and decided never to fall in love, or maybe they just think that it’s not worth it.

  1. They had already broken the other’s heart

Perhaps they ignored them in the past or bullied them, or maybe the partner watched them date someone else and decided never to have anything to do with them again. 

  1. The parents don’t agree

The parents might not approve of them, or they only want them to marry someone of a certain rank or hierarchy.

  1. Money issues

One of them is really rich, where the other is dirt poor. The poorer one refuses to take the money of the richer one, and it causes problems. 

  1. One can’t risk their reputation

Maybe one of them is famous or balancing on public popularity, and being in a relationship would make everything fall apart.

  1. They’re competing

Perhaps they are both fighting for a promotion, or they both want an opportunity, causing tension. 

  1. One has trust problems

Maybe they had their heart broken, or they might’ve had problems in childhood which causes insecurity. 

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