Settings in horror writing.

Setting is really important in writing, and it can really set the scene. Here are some ideas of settings in a horror story.

  1. A haunted house
  2. A dark forest
  3. A dark room
  4. A pitch black corridor 
  5. A silent and deserted street
  6. A terrifying castle 
  7. An abandoned house
  8. A village left in ashes
  9. A foggy night
  10. A dungeon
  11. A cold cellar
  12. A graveyard
  13. A derelict mine
  14. A dusty mansion
  15. A bloody hospital 
  16. A deserted theme park
  17. An underground station
  18. The middle of the night
  19. An isolated circus
  20. An empty ocean
  21. An attic
  22. A farm 
  23. A children’s playground/nursery
  24. A hanging tree with a noose prepared
  25. An armoury
  26. An ossuary 
  27. A rotting school
  28. Someone’s mind

I hope this helped and gave you some inspiration.

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